On our play ground on the worm.becas there are so many holes becas I was thinking. that we can paint the worm becas the paint is pealing off.
In school today we learned that aberaham Lincoln. was the tallest pesident .and that he was the 16th president and we did a little thing for how tall we are to Abe .
At school in science we lreand a experiment. We used a bottle and a balloon and baking soda
and venger. We poured the baking soda in the bottle. And the balloon got filled with air.

Opal moved to Naomi Florida. Her daddy owned a Church. she went To the store and every one was running and screaming there Was a dog. then opal Toke dog. opal named the dog Winndixei she toke Winn dixie Home. she ask her daddy he said No. then opal ask again he said no again then yes. but one day her daddy called the pound. Opal was crying opals daddy changed his minde. Winndixei helps opal make frends. Then they have a party. Then when I starts raining. Then Winn Dixie starts getting scarred. Then he runs away. Then opal was running home then opal knocked on the door the. The preacher answered the door. The preacher and opal tried to find the dog. They find Winn Dixie in the end.
We wrote about candy are teacher printedd are fravrote candy. I think Hershey's white chocolate is the best.
Today I read Harry the dirty dog by Gene Zion. It's about this dog hoo nevers whant to take a bath. He hide the scrubbing brush and he gets dirtyer and dirtyer and dirtyer.
Magnets can stick to some metal and magnets.I lreand that magnets can stick to other things.A magnet can move a nther magnet throw cardboard.

We have a  class pet it is a hamster  .but she has to get yous to our class room .she is  black
and wiht . And she is fun to play  with I  bet. You. She can  carw up on her cage she can be the best  hamster.




Once there was two towers that was the same. They where twins. Planes crashed into the Pentagon. Then another plane crashed into the Twin Towers. That one flew on top of the building. The other one crashed across the tower and crushed it. That's my story.


    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


    August 2012