This is my iMovie that tells about the face of the playground project.
Deserts are mostly in Mexico .plus there are amazing things that you see like snakes and lizards .and it's really really hot .the temperature is about 90 digress c.puls it's really prickly there.
In science we have been talking about meal worms and painted lady. the painted lady is a kind of caterpillar that is going to turn in to a kind of butter fly.the meal worm starts off as a baby then a larva then pupa.then they come out as a Beatle.then the caterpillar is a larva .
Me and my partner made a business called cookie braclet shop.we sell cookies on a braclet.and you can get any kind of cookies you want.and the bracelet has a bouton every time you eat one if you want another one you can press that boutton one pops up.
I'm worried about that our tree might not grow.and what if there is a law that says people can't plant trees.i think if this happens to the earth .I would go to home depo with my mom and .go to the planting ile and get some seeds then I will plant them and I will make the earth pretty.
Our class has ben working on our school play groud we had to seal the black top.but we did not have enough sealer but we fixed it by sweeping the tar of the blacktop.but so far is going great so far .i'm so excited to be working on this project .
In class we made posters and we present them . Did you do this in your class room?and my group is me,Travis , emoni,will and the cool thing that I Lrean was she was riased in a pour home.
Today at school I made a pic collage and we had to make one about homonyms homophones.and we had to get three things.and write.and we had to go to the Internet.
In school we learned about graphing and today we dazindthe shapes and we had to graph the shapes that we used


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    August 2012